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Husband. Father.
Green Beret.

It’s All About Opportunity

We have a duty to provide the next generation of Americans more opportunity than we have been endowed. To do this, we need reasonable, consistent, and principled leaders and policies that will usher in a new era of American exceptionalism. Our best days are yet to come, because Pat refuses to hand his children—or your children— anything less.   


The foundation of strong and resilient families is a strong economy. A roaring economy free from rampant inflation, present stress, and future uncertainty is only achieved when we cut the chains of senseless spending and government overreach. As Americans, we do better when we are free to make our own decisions with our hard-earned money and when government gets out of the way of the American people.

Family Safety

We cannot hope to secure the bright future of tomorrow if we cannot secure our communities today. We must make respect for the rule of law a priority in our society. That starts with bringing federal law and state law into congruence and promoting personal responsibility through real consequences. And it is implemented by promoting policy and investment that adequately resources our police—not by defunding the police. And we must secure our schools. 


There is no greater gift in life than a sound education. Unacceptably, falling test scores, grade-behind reading levels, and ideological indoctrination mark today’s public school experience for our children. We must give parents school-choice options today while elected officials at the state level revamp our public school systems. Our children’s futures cannot wait on government solutions that are distant years off. 



Pat Harrigan

Pat is a Green Beret, businessman, and a dedicated husband and father. Pat came to North Carolina to serve, and stayed in North Carolina to grow his businesses and raise his family. From his first venture shining shoes to his current endeavors manufacturing defense products, Pat has always embraced hard work and personal responsibility as the benchmarks of the American Dream.

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